Taking it day by day: March 2006

Feeling like arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

Sunday, March 26, 2006

School resumed two weeks ago. I haven't been to any lecture yet. I just feel like staying at home the whole time. I am not even going to work - not that I have a whole bundle of money in my account or anything?! I have been away for some time now, having the time of my life and this schedule of school-work-home to read seems pretty lousy :-(

I could sleep all day.....stay in bed all day....listen to babyface and all other slow crooners....watch soapy movies....shed a tear or two....think of a million and one things I would rather be doing. hmmm.

Must go to school this week, even if I'll have to kick myself in the aaaaahs.

Project Stan

Friday, March 24, 2006
After Bob there was Stan. Stan is this cookie I had on my list. He had come down to Mombasa for a weekend and we hooked up and had fun (read went dancing got abit tipsy and got all kissykissy).

Stan left for Nairobi and he was all sweet - sending lovely little messages, calling at odd hours - I did not mind that, he had this mighty sexy voice that could melt even frozen butter :-) Two weeks later, I went to Nairobi - not because of Stan solely, I had other business to take care of. Meeting Stan again was just going to be a bonus...what a bonus!

I did meet Stan, we had fun (same as above, just add dinner to the list and a walk). But before that, Stan had to go to Murang'a for a funeral....we had a great evening after he came back from the funeral. Time came for miss chatterly to go back to Mombasa, and this she did.

Come March, I went to visit relatives in Nai. I told Stan about this and he was happy - well, at least that is how he sounded! The Saturday I arrived Stan had to go to Murang'a, again to bury yet another aunt! Sad thing is we did not end up meeting, coz he was held up there longer due to car problems. He suggested we meet the day I was scheduled to leave....unfortunately I had loads of stuff to deal with and I ended up not seeing Stan. But I had a great time with buddies of mine and a cousin of my best buddy :-)

Question: Am I the kind of person who brings such bad luck mpaka each time I go to Nai someone's aunt dies? Or was someone upto his own things and saw the need to tell such stories? Or was this yet another case of wolf in sheep's clothing? Like Bob.

Starting a new project next weekend - offshore project, you can say!