Taking it day by day: July 2006

Accidents, deaths, break-ups, weight-gain

Monday, July 31, 2006
This month has been a crazy one, with all kinds of mamboz happening around. My sis broke up with her chali, reason being that he is one heck of a stingy boy. Yaani they go dutch everytime they go on a date….worse still he invites my sis for a date then time ya kupay say bill ni 300Ksh he realises he has 184.50 so my sis has to come up with the rest. But his meanness did not end there, he did not give her a present on her birthday…I know it sounds petty but ehhhhh even a bar of chocolate bought by the boy alone (without my sister having to chip in) would have made a big difference but well-it did not happen….She got pissed off and told him to walk.

Like the boy hasn’t had enough, the grandmother died last week. The boy is so devastated he called my sister while crying. My sister has been consoling him since she knew the granny and this granny was mum n dad to the boy. It is so sad, God rest her soul in eternal peace.

2 buddies of mine were involved in road accidents, they were unhurt. One was hit by a youngster who skipped a red light just to show the girlfriend that he is a mdeadly driver – I now wonder if the girl will still be willing to be his girl after his stupid action that almost had them dead. The other buddy hasn’t told me what really happened, he just sent me a message at 2 am Saturday morning to tell me that, but he was unhurt. Thank God for that.

Chatterly has gained about 1.5 kgs. Funny thing is that she does not eat a lot, and the little she eats is healthy and in reasonable amounts. 2 meals a day, lots of water, and fruits. I don’t do sports….apart from the occasional swimming and the walks about town. Now you know you have a problem when those clothes that were exactly fitting are a bit too tight now….or you feel that certain body parts are expanding slowly but surely. I need to go shopping soon, be it with beads or cowrie shells.

ewwwww, shame on you dude!

Saturday, July 22, 2006
I was minding my own business when this dude came to sit next to me. He looked at me expecting a) a smile or b) a 'hi'. Well, dude got a plain 'c'. (c= no reaction). This is a dude that I don't know, so kila mtu ashike lake.

A minute later he decides to break the ice with three simple words - 'I saw you'. I stopped reading my book and wondered what I should say. With temperatures as high as 34°C I can assure you that the words that were on my tongue were not sugar-coated. I thought of gasping out loud, 'Oh my God, I forgot to put on my invisibility cloak', or act surprised and say, 'Realllllllly? oh cooool!!!' But since kesho ni Sunday, I decide to listen to the angel on the right and keep quiet, I just looked at him and kept reading.

There are times when you will know if someone is in the talking mood or not. I wasn't, and this dude could not figure that out. So he decides to start a feeble conversation starting with the usual I-have-seen-you-around line. I decide to leave my reading because this broda gon talk long-oh. He goes on to ask if I have also seen him around. I simply tell him no, sorry never have. Dude sees the opportunity to go on rambling.

Dude: Where you come from?
Chatterly:(hmmm should I say I come from Tuvalu? my angel shakes his head.) Kenya
Dude: I knew! I can see it in your face.
Chatterly:(ahhh and why did you ask?) rolls eyes
Dude: What do you do here?
Chatterly: I study blahblah
Dude: Maybe that is where I saw you, at the uni.
Chatterly: mhhhhmmmm
Dude:Are there many Kenyans in your school?
Chatterly: Nope, just two.
Dude: But there are lots of Kenyans in this town, or?
Chatterly: Yep
Dude: What do they do?
Chatterly:(jamani, si the usual ama?? some soma, some jobo, some sell dope, some get laid, some knit sweaters) how should I know?

This conversation goes on, and at some point the dude starts sticking fingers up his nose. YUCK!!! Yaani, its like he is alone in the privacy of his bathroom. I am only happy that he did not give me his hand. ewwwww!!!!! Germs tupu!

Oh, by the way the dude's name is OBI. Kidogo nimuulize Obi nani? Obie Trice ama Obi wan kenobi?

What men want......

Friday, July 14, 2006

...is a remote control like this one here. I got this as a forward all i could say was hmmmm - what happened to men who want women with their own heads?! Women who could think on their own, speak their mind and such?

Happy Birthday, Bon Anniversaire, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Feliz cumpleanos

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today I celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 17th birthday!
I can only count my blessings and be grateful for everything that I have achieved to date. I have a wonderful mother without whose love and encouragement I wouldn't know where I would be. A big sister who thinks I'm the best company, a small sister who thinks I'm the most intelligent, hilarious, best big sister in the world.

I can only say one thing...I'm blessed!

Happy 27th!!!