Taking it day by day: May 2007


Monday, May 21, 2007
There is a rapist in the building i live in. wajameni i am scared of ingiaring lift and finding a dude tu hapo - i think i am getting paranoid, and the way kuna times i get home late in the night :-(
Kuna mtu ameandika kwa ka-paper akaiweka kwa lift. ati kuna mrepist fulani alikuwa kwa building sato sijui anajifanya anatafuta meeting you handicapped pple. he was wearing a beard and a jacket. now how many men wear jackets and beards in that building? that was on saturday at around 15hrs. apparently he has been in the building more than once, and he is coming back to his "crime scene". goodness gracious, who can teach me karate faster faster? or give me instructions on how to mix my own pepper spray?
and then jana naingia lift hivi another dude enters and finds me reading that ka-notice so he also starts reading and then he asks me who wrote it. Dude kwani mimi ni secretary wa huyo mrepist jameni nitajuaje...kwanza nikimcheki vizuri i just felt like jumping off the lift and using the staircase - but wajuaje hangojei masupuu huko staircase? na kama u are living in the 11th floor na amekutime tu hapo 10th na vile ukifika hapo utakuwa umechoka kama punda hata energy ya kupiga nduru utaitoa wapi?
i am just crossing my fingers, scared.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Kuitikia mwito wa Aegeus let me andika the reasons why i blog

1. i blog to share what is happening in my life. just sharing a little bit, ile ya surface tu maana nikisema naanza hadithi za mwaki hii blog tutaifunga.

2. i blog coz i have the time to. it keeps me busy when i have nothing to do or when i have stuff to do and i dont feel like getting it done.

3. i am practising speed typing on my blog (a lie)

4. i blog to interact with other bloggers, laugh with them, get to know them, do other things with them (nione kando)

5. i blog so that i can write about what is happening in other people's lives. since they dont have blogs, and i find their stories interesting i blog about them :-) mambo ya watu wengine hunishangaza mpaka yabidi niblog ndio initoke kichwani.

kwa haya machache, please consider yourself tagged:

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Friday, May 11, 2007
After being tagged by Mwangi and by Kirima, i think it is high time i andikaad 7 things that make Chatterly.

My 7even

1. I hate explaining simple things 126 times to someone who is not shikaing mita. I usually feel like taking out and whip from heaven knows where and whipping sense into them.

2. I am pathetic when it comes to keeping time sometimes. I usually intend to be on time but funny enough I somehow never make it.

3. I think a lot about sex.

4. I opted to go to boarding school when I was in class 7 because I could then have all the freedom to play like there is no tomorrow. And play I did….so much that my grades took a nose dive – funny enough no one asked any questions – lucky enough I decided to become a day scholar in class 8 third term…that really did a lot for my twisted grades.

5. I plan to go back to school someday, though sometimes I think if I ever get married and get kids – I will gladly stay at home and be mommy :- ) or at least try that stay-at-home-thing.

6. There was a time in primary school when I was given money to pay for one term’s lunch. Since my small sister and I had had enough of rice/cabbage/stew/beans etc I kept the cash in my desk and that whole term we ate fries for lunch. We were in heaven.

7. I am my dad’s favourite (in his world yes). I don’t like him one bit – I just haven’t told him that.

i guess kila mtu has been tagged :-) kama haujatagiwa basi jua uko officially tagged!