Taking it day by day: August 2007

Minus rubs

Thursday, August 30, 2007
You know you are in serious need of a goood lay when your dreams are like this for 2 consecutive nights:
Monday night:
Dreamt I got laid by my primary school deskmate. His dick?! HUGE...I woke up the following morning with a huge smile.
Tuesday night:
Dream number 1: I snogged the living daylights out of a KBW dude! I will not mention names but dude.....i kissed you vi-proper mpaka i felt weweee! aiiiii wacha tu!
Dream number two i was flirting with Denzel W. ama was he flirting with me?

This heat makes you want things that you are not getting. hmmmmm.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Jumapili last found me sipping tu-drinks with some youngsters. Katika ile hali ya kuchapa story dame fulani akataja kwamba usiku kuna ile movie iitwayo GOTHIKA. Chali yake karukia mwenyewe shujaa wacha aanze kueleza jinsi that movie was so nice...Madam Halle Berry ni kidosho na she was the first black woman to win an oscar. Bahati mbaya kijana akaendelea kuongea mpaka akaharibu mchuzi kwa kusema ati GOTHIKA ndio huyo Halle Berry alishinda nayo hiyo Oscar!

I just looked at him and said nil. From what i know Monster's Ball ndio ilimshindia hiyo Oscar ama dunia ilibadilika na mimi mzala sina habari?!

Blogging from elsewhere

Monday, August 20, 2007

From now on i will be blogging from Mombasa. Place is hot and wet. Spoken to a couple of bloggers, one wanted to hang up the phone because of my waithera accent but he vumiliad tu :-) si u know yourserof mai tia?
Coming to nai soon - would luv to hook up with some of you - will let you know when i am there. kusema kweli blogging imenitoka sina hamu lakini nitajaribu - there is just too much funniness going on here mpaka unabaki umeshangaa sana.