Taking it day by day: September 2007

Wataka mteja????

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yesterday at around 1900hrs I was standing outside Simmers waiting patiently for someone to chuck we go. A dude came up to me and asked if he can get me a customer saa hiyo hiyo! Then he proceeded to show me a Pakistani dude who was wearing those manguoz of theirs. My goodness, I had to laugh…. I could pass for a whore? Wearing decent jeans and a sweater with a high neckline up to there?

He did not get the chance to mention a price since I had to leave. Note to self: don’t stand outside Simmers alone looking like you are about to go get.....

When Chatterly met Twaddlie

Thursday, September 06, 2007
Based on a true story

Was in a theatre far away from you


Chatterly gets to hear that Twaddlie is in town. She gets her telephone numbers and texts the chick to invite her for lunch the following day. Twaddlie says yes, so with the date set, Chatterly starts to think of what to wear. She discards those thoughts coz even with a suitcase full of clothes that fit she still moans “sina nguo za kuvaa”.

Tuesday night, no dreams of kissing a certain KBW dude…and the way I had waited hmmmm!


Chatterly calls Twaddlie. Twaddlie picks, Chatts hears nothing coz of the background music. She wonders eish kwani Twaddlie ako hanye this early ama what? Twaddlie says she’ll call back in an hour. Chatts texts Twaddlie to tell her they meet at XYZ at 1 pm. Twaddlie kumbe ako nail parlour….she getting her nails did for Miss Chatts (her 20 nails were looking vibrantly cute, same applies to …mujijazie)

11 o’clock, Chatts still has no idea what to wear. 1130 Chatterly now KNOWS what to wear, she hits the shower…scrubs herself to ecstasy and proceeds to get dressed. By the time she has worn her kitenge Kaunda suit, by the time she has jazaad hair glo to her curly kit, by the time she has made sure that half of the contents of her bottle of Bint el Sudan perfume is on her it is already past twelve, and she has to commute from the end of the world to the meeting point. Kumbe Twaddlie also doesn’t keep time…so we end up hooking up at 1400.

At first sight

Chatts arrived at the meeting point only to find herself alone. Phone call to madam, she says 3.5 minutes and I will be therrr. And sure enough 3.5 minutes later, I see a chick catwalking towards me! What a sight! Tiny braids left open, cute shades, big sweeeet smile. Chick was wearing a hot pant and a tubetop and some pretty sandals and lovely jewellery. Me and my kitenge Kaunda suit si we felt like villagers? After a nice warm hug, with me towering all over her little self we giggled shyly and started bonding as we walked towards this place where i was going to treat her for lunch.

Twaddlie….take it from there yeah? Please?