Taking it day by day: April 2008

Snack away

Sunday, April 27, 2008
There is a place at Prestige Plaza that’s called Swahili Plate. I had been told that I’d find most swa snacks there. At first I was sceptical. The few times I have eaten bhajias here in Nairobi I have been left wondering why I just didn’t fry battered potatoes at home.

The place has awesome viazi vya karai, mahamri (not maandazi) vibibi, kaimati, mkate wa sinia, bhajia za Kiswahili (I prefer bhajia za kihindi though) and to top it all they make the real ukwaju to go with the viazi karai. Damn! I have never been happier. And there was some masala tea to wash down all that! So Nakeel, si you mentioned something about ukwaju? Now?

The prices aren’t thaaaat bad. A dozen of kaimati goes for 120kshs. Kaimati moja 12 bob. A bit outrageous but this is Nairobi, I guess it’s allowed. In Mombasa you go selling kaimati moja 12 bob utaufilisika a.s.a.p. – those things go for max 2 bob.

I heard they serve biriani – have to try that out next time I am there.

7 months later...

Friday, April 25, 2008

...the dust and cobwebs that have settled here - eish too much.
Ma'am will be back
with a new broom
to sweep.
In the meantime,
let me go
and find
blog mojo