Taking it day by day: July 2008

Love thy neighbour?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Onesmus has been going out with Philomena for the last 4 years. 5 months ago they were blessed with a baby boy. The two decided, for the sake of the baby, to move in together. And that they did. Their relationship was a very odd one. No one knew whether they were in love or not…according to Philomena, the two found it weird to tell each other those three little words. Four whole years plus a baby and nothing like “I love you”. Wow! That is what I call dry fry now. The sex was good – you could tell by the way Philo would brighten up in the face when we asked her what makes her stay with him…knowing very well it wasn’t love. It was the sex. Philo is the one who used to support Onesmus financially so it wasn’t the money. Onesmus could give you dick until you saw unnamed planets. Toes curling. Goosebumps. Juices flowing. Gasps for breath. Tears of ecstasy. Out-of-this-world experiences. Sundays was their speciality. Spooning all day long. Exchanging body fluids. Explains why Philo’s phone was mostly off on Sundays.

And then they moved in and things started changing. Onesmus leaves home Friday night comes back Saturday wee hours – doesn’t want to be asked where, what, with whom, etc. Philomena grew tired of asking. Onesmus, seeing that he was on top of the game endelead with his tutabias. It is common courtesy to tell your other half that you will be late so that they don’t sit up all night long wondering whether you have been mugged or slaughtered. “Courtesy” to Onesmus’ was a Latin word…he lived as he pleased, did what he wanted when he wanted.

Recently, actually three weeks ago, Philomena hired a truck, packed her belongings (leaving behind a mattress and the TV, everything else was hers), her baby and house-girl and left crying. She had just found out that Onesmus had been shagging the next door neighbour. NEXT DOOR. Right in front of her nose. Out of one house, two steps, into the next house. Onesmus denied all this claiming nothing has been going on. Yeah right, like he used to go there to roast marshmallows? Smh.

Three days later he calls her to tell her she is overreacting about the neighbour, actually she should be worried about Anastasia (now the real clande)! You wonder WTF!!!? A day later he calls to say sorry, he said all that crap coz he was angry. Philomena looked at her phone and cut him off. She doesn't need trash in her life.