Taking it day by day: January 2006

Of married men posing as singles

Friday, January 20, 2006
I have now been in Kenya for a month...things have been going well till I went clubbing and met *Bob. Bob is a cute guy with wheels, I love wheels....so the cutie thing was just a bonus. We talked for a short while then I, as generous as I am, gave Bob my cell number, then I left.

Promptly the following day Bob called, asking me to join him for nyamchom na keroro. Since I was cut from last nights drinking I turned his offer down. He understood my situation, said he'll call the following day - he did. We had a date, lunch, quite nice...talked about this and that, time to go he dropped me home. Text messages started coming in.....about love, sex, life and the likes.....soooooo many of them, I just laughed.

Two days later, we met again for coffee. Bob fished his cell phone and took photos of me....cool, I was looking fly so why not! He even went ahead and saved my pic as his cell's wallpaper.....awwww how sweet, I thought.
A week later we hit the club, a very good friend of mine, a cousin of hers - *Stan, me and Bob. We had soooo much fun.

Three days later, I am going about my business a lady calls me and calmly tells me that she thinks 'I am moving with her husband!!!!!!!!!!!' Oh shyte!!! I have no idea which husband this is....been meeting male buddies....some are married but others aren't (or they are but they are just pretending). I come to find out that Bob is married....with child....OUCH!!!! Mrs Bob is nice to let me know that she loves her family and that she knows I understand because I am a woman too. I tell her Bob never told me anything about a wife and child.....and that nothing happened, we just had lunch and coffee....nothing much! I tell her not to worry, I will cut ties with Bob. She is cool with that.

Bob calls asking what I'm doing over lunch....I say I'm busy, and the wife just called me, and he is such a jerk! He wants to know what wifey said....I tell him nothing bad, just the usual blah and blah.

I decide to close Chapter Bob. Now I was wondering, if I meet a guy at a club, alone - do I always have to think twice before talking to him? Should a conversation go this way:
me: Hi!
him: hi! how are you?
me: Fine! thanks, how are you?
him: great! You looking fly!
me: Thanks! ( + killer smile) mmmmmh I love that song...wanna dance?
him: sure!
me: great! Are you single/married/divorced/widowed?

now that will surely get 150 points off ur record, ama??

I am not letearing anyone compe, chali yako ndio fala akiona kitu imevaa skati ashainuka, mate yamdondoka.
Ach, and for those married men who are hanging out in clubs without their wives kisha you start hitting on other girls komeni!

*Names have been changed for obvious reasons :-)
*Stan is the next hot bun on my 'wanted' list.
*Bob keeps calling, I keep telling him no, he still persists :-( I want my cell no. back!

Belated greetings!!!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006
Hallo all!

I am in Kenya now...so msishangae sana kimya mob ni ya nini.....I am just have toooooo much fun! wish u were here we share these moments.

Comp ni slow.....so i usually get pissed of and i end up not checking mail for like a week if not more...but i plan to change that......before i go toooooo far, let me just say to you out there in the cold " here is some sunshine for you....feel it....enjoy it!"

Sanaa, I read your last mail....shida ni kuingia huko chamber, its almost like ikijua nakuja internet story inaharibika then there is a f**king error of some sort. but rest assured I will answer u!

Let me run before keroro runs away!!!!

Nice time all :-)

oh! and HAPPY 2006.