Taking it day by day: January 2007

Desiccated coconut and shoes

Friday, January 26, 2007
There is this chick I work with…she is 4’ 11” tall at the most, has a temper as short as herself and very weird sense of fashion. There are times when you greet her in the morning she will just look at you like a wall and say nothing. It’s not just me, another chick also experienced the same wizard treatment, so I am not hating.

This chick is pale…whenever I look at her, I automatically think of desiccated coconut. I wonder what she will remind me of in summer….maybe like grated parmesan??? I am yet to see. So! Recently chick walked into the office, her usual walking style is *let-the-whole-office-know-I-am-coming* and she ALWAYS wears high heels (I wonder why)-you can imagine the commotion. Since she was wearing a skirt that day, I managed to take a look at her shoes.

She certainly wears size 36 or 37 (size 3-4) but on that day, she had worn a pair that was 1-2 sizes bigger!!! If those were boots, no one would have noticed but they were pumps, so I could see this ridiculous huge gap back there. I just wondered…how do you wear shoes that are too big for you and go out of the house? Yaani you go to the shop, don’t find shoes that fit you and get the available size? It’s not like your feet are going to grow any bigger….in the mid/late twenties??? Ama were those her sister’s/friend’s/neighbour’s shoes? Each time she walked into the office I could not help but stare at her shoes. I found it muy ridiculous.

this shoe this shoe this shoe, i dream it breath it want it want it so bad, it looks so nice. hmmmmm.

About Sam

Sunday, January 14, 2007
There is this dude, Sam, who is 37 years old, has a job, was once married and the funny thing is, he still lives at home, with mum and dad. As far as i know, the parents are not ill coz we could say he lives with them coz they are sick and he doesnt want to leave them. Sam had a wife, who in the beginning tolerated living with the in-laws. She thought they were going to move out shortly afterwards but lo! that was not to be, when she got fed up she told him to choose - either they move to their own place or she walks. Walk she did and Sam is now a single man.

Mother-in-law had perfected the art of walking into their bedroom just then when they were eating each others muff, you can imagine how embarassing that was. this same mother has access to his son's bank account-don't ask why-and she can throw fits anytime she pleases coz in her opinion Sam spends his money not so wisely.

You might be asking yourselves why Sam doesnt move out. He is tied down to that house like a tent to the ground. Since the parents bought that house and are making monthly payments, he is also chipping in. And he just can't say he doesn't have money this month so he aint paying. His parents have even told him they will sue him if he decides to move out and stop paying coz he has signed a contract with them. How now? And those are his parents?