Taking it day by day: September 2008

Beweave it....or not

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
I have heard about the good things a weave can do to your hair...gives your real hair a break from all the combing, styling etc...you can change your look drastically...curly today, straight tomorrow...short today, shoulder length and even beyond the day after - from black to blond, red to brown, you have the money, you have the choice.

However, I am seeing women sporting some extremely shady weaves, weaves that look just BAD. you have natural hair then you add a STRAIGHT phoney pony yawa why now? you looked in the mirror and decided hiyo ndiyo best? Today I sat behind a woman whose screwed up weave looked like it had been partially gnawed away by a rodent. you could actually see the first track. I felt sad. Saa hiyo she is formally dressed going to the office perhaps.

Why? Cut the hair if you cant manage it jameni. Or get a good hairdresser who will weave you up nicely.