Taking it day by day: July 2007

Random 8

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So I got myself tagged by 3 types of crazy and Unyc and after a looooong while here we go with my 8:

1) I don’t like going to restaurants with people who cannot CHOOSE what they want to eat they have to ASK the other people they are with. Yaani you want to tell me that person who ends up choosing for you knows what you feel like eating ama how?

2) I don’t understand how one goes to the same restaurant over and over and over again when there are thousands of other restaurants that are just as good or even better. It even gets worse when one orders the same dish every time he/she is there. Don’t you want to taste anything else? Don’t you?

3) I don’t understand chicks who SHAVE OFF all their eyebrows only to come back with their eyebrow pencils and draw either a crooked line or a wicked line up to there. It looks tacky, weird, grotesque, BAD.

4) I am currently craving frog thighs – when well cooked, they are a delicacy…I am yet to have a taste of that and confirm. Where do I get a frog? Who will kill that frog for me and dissect it and give me just the tu-thayoz bila the webbed feet? UNYC mchinja kuku are you good with froggies?

5) I have the habit of looking at people and wondering whether they are single or married or widowed, how they are in bed, whether they have debts, whether they are psycho etc. It is just a way of passing time.

6) I don’t think I will ever have enough shoes. There are times I just wear my high heels and underwear and nothing else – that is bliss. The first thing I think about when I have some money is shoes. When I am stressed I think of buying new shoes. When I pass an exam I think of shoes. I would rather have l00 pairs of shoes than have 100 dresses.

7) I always have cold feet so to keep them warm I ALWAYS wear socks when I am indoors. Summer or winter - it doesn't matter. I can sleep naked but my socks have to be worn, otherwise I won’t sleep a wink. Even when matters get horizontal, I have to have my socks on.

8) I put cheese in my ugali and icecream in my oatmeal. Sounds weird but damn, those things are gooooooooooooood.



Sunday, July 01, 2007
I was listening to this gal who is going away on vacation to Thailand and she was going on and on and on about how she is looking forward to the great weather, the great cuisine and eating pineapples straight from the tree.

Since when did they start growing on trees? I almost asked her if she ever saw pineapples dangling from a tree but i just kept quiet and let her ramble.

Now I am just thinking of pineapple trees. tihihih.