Taking it day by day: October 2005

AIDS and the sex marathon

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
I recently received an e-mail that really sent shudders down my spine. It was showing what STDs can do to you. Yaani the pictures were sooooo bad mpaka at the moment I am still getting flashbacks. I look at a cute guy and then pictures of maajabu start appearing, it is that bad.

This email has really opened my eyes, not that I have been promiscuous all along, no!! I just never got to see such stuff for real. The pictures are so bad that I don't even know the right words to describe them.

I am in a country where you can get laid every single night, as long as you are willing. The percentage of people using condoms is pretty low, since not everyone loves eating their sweets with the wrappers on!

The youth here are worse. I heard one young guy, probably 18 years old saying that he would know if a woman is carrying a STD just by looking at her! He was then asked how an infected person looks like and he made a funny face to imitate how a sufferer would look like. I felt so sorry for him...I can just see him shagging his way without a condom to the grave. It is so sad.

I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, and my occassional *boom-boom* partner has been shown the red card already! A friend of mine told me to take care before I get cobwebs you-know-where...but hey, at least I will still be alive, though abit out of practice :-)

Slender, not hungry!

Saturday, October 08, 2005
I am 163cm tall and weigh 54kgs. I look pretty normal...not too thin or anything. My west african brothers have their own opinion regarding my 54kgs. I meet westies quiet often, not by choice, rather coincidentally. They are very bold, coming straight to you and telling you really funny stuff with their funny accent.

Once I was waiting for the bus, along comes this uga-uga brodah. "Hallo!" he says, smiling like we know each other. I say hi, wearing my 'very serious' face - it is always helpful to maintain that face if you don't feel like getting your ear filled with nonsense!
Next line "I saw you standing there and I see you are beautiful, you must be a good person and I want to know you, so where are you from?" Aiiiiii?!?!?!? I toy with the idea weather I should lie, but today I feel like telling the truth, so I just mumble "Kenya." Then uga-uga goes like "ahhhhhaaaaa, kenyan women are the best, very beautiful." Hmmm, great....I just can't wait for that bus to show up so that I can escape this boring conversation, keeping in mind that I am only giving monosyllabic responses.

The bus is taking its time today, meaning my brodah has a great advantage. Next question, "you speak French?" Although I do, I just say no, to avoid being pulled deeper into conversation, since he is fluent in French and not in English or German! "Oh ok", he says and thinking that is the end of it I look the other way, praying the bus shows up. Brodah is still on my case. " What's your name?" Arrrgggh I am just being polite, answering his questions, but this is going too far....so I lie...I snap "Maria". For some unknown reason this is the name that usually springs out first - 2 years ago it was Janet :-). Next year I will take on something weird like Shabaduu or something complicated Umpootelikantubi :-)

Uga-uga tells me his name, and on top of that, he invites me to go to his place, so that he can cook me a really delicious west african dish! Red flags everywhere. One: You are a stranger Two: You are inviting me for the first date to your place??? Three: Do I look so hungry??? Soooo hungry that one would take a stranger to his place and cook for her????

Well, the bus shows up and I quickly hop into it...after kindly turning down brodah'z invitation and so thankful that I no longer have to listen to his blah-blah! Upon reaching home, I take a look in the mirror. I look fine, I like what I see, and those uga-ugaz who think I could do with a whole load of kilos should walk on by. If ya don't like, don't look!