Taking it day by day: October 2006

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Every now and then you hear a man complain about how he invited a girl to a date and she came with her pals who would just sit there, eat and giggle. I have a different story to tell. I have been invited to dates by 3 different men and they all had a buddy tagging along :-(

This is a very weird situation because at a certain point you even forget you are on a date...you just feel like you are out with some friends. There is no way you can talk serious stuff coz of Bob over there who is listening attentively too! And you can't ignore him coz he is actively participating in the conversation, damn. It is even worse when Bob is cuter than the guy who invited you to the date..LOL!!!

What happened to the good old *date for two*? Where you would sit close to each other and talk about anything and laugh about everything? And when things got better you would even hold hands and just enjoy the moment? Why does a grown man have to bring a bodyguard to his dates? What happened to *kila mtu ajitetee*? I am left wondering what this world is coming to.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
I have been away for so long I even forgot my blogger password. I decided to go on holiday, and boy did I have fun.

I was in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Northampton...had so much fun mpaka ikawa ni kesi...eish mzee tuliza boli :-) Will write more about that another day.

Now I'm back to the same old same old...just counting days till christmas while reliving my two weeks of fun.

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